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Mono PERC Solar Modules

Gautam Solar’s Mono PERC Solar Modules utilize fully automatic setup and latest machines during the manufacturing and quality testing process to ensure solar modules with high power, efficiency, reliability, durability and strength.

Round Ribbon for Lower Shading on Cells

Featuring Round Ribbon Connectors of diameter 0.35 mm (as opposed to conventionally used flat ribbon of width 0.9 mm), Gautam Solar’s Mono PERC Solar Modules provide up to 2.5% more power due to lower shaded area on the solar cells.

Non-Destructive Cell Cutting for Lower Chances of Micro-cracks

Gautam Solar’s Mono PERC Solar Modules incorporate Half-Cut Cells produced using Non-Destructive Cell Cutting (NDC). In this process, low-temperature laser with temperature less than 130°C is used. This helps lower the chances of micro-cracks in the solar modules.

Bigger M10 Mono PERC Solar Cells for higher wattage


144/120 Half-Cut Cells for better performance in low light


Multi-Busbar Structure for Lower Electrical Losses


Non-Destructive Cell Cutting Process for lower chances of micro-cracks


Round Ribbon Connectors for better utilization of light


Mono PERC Solar Module 144 Cell


Versatile modules ideal for Utility/C&I/Rooftop Installations


Available in Monofacial and Bifacial


All Black and Silver frame available for premium aesthetics


Resilient to extreme weather conditions


Excellent Anti-PID Performance

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